Drawing from a background in photography, I am a passionate colorist who discovered the transformative power of color grading while attending Portland State University's Film program. I have honed my skills to create visually stunning narratives that resonate with audiences.
As a colorist, I focus on fostering close collaborations with filmmakers, ensuring their creative visions come to life on screen. I am dedicated to finding the perfect balance of color, light, and contrast to tell stories that leave a lasting impact.
With proficiency in Davinci Resolve and a commitment to staying current with industry trends, I bring technical expertise and a keen understanding of the role that color grading plays in the filmmaking process.
I'd like to think of myself as a friendly and reliable collaborator. I value the creative process and am dedicated to crafting. I'm excited to help bring your stories to life through the art of color grading! 
Available for color grading worldwide. Interested in working together or want to say hi? Fill in the form or shoot me an email.

Thank you!
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